From the Owner…

Today marks the 4th anniversary of The Tomato Vine, and it’s almost hard to believe how much the business has grown in that short amount of time. 

In late 2014, I decided to grow my private chef business into a brick-and-mortar establishment that offered catering and meal delivery service for my clients. I soon realized the location of the new kitchen was in the middle of a huge office park, likely in need of a new lunch option. I figured, what the heck.

In January of 2016, The Tomato Vine officially opened its doors to the public. We’ve since grown into a thriving lunch cafe, catering operation, and heat-and-serve meal service. I now have a full-time crew of talented kitchen staff, managers, catering coordinators, and another small list of on-call servers and drivers.

Every day I am proud of my team. I am blown away by the things we have accomplished – preparing and sending out food for hundreds, then immediately serving a cafe rush; the 4 a.m. breakfast jobs; the “make-it-work” moments; or feeding 800 people with a small team and just two ovens. Or that time the power went out and we still managed to finish sending out our catered lunches. That was fun.

One thing that sets this team apart is how much fun we have, and how close-knit everyone is. So close, in fact, that several are related. Catering Director Andrea, and Marketing Manager Brendan are siblings; Johanna, Catering Sous Chef, works alongside her husband, William. My own older brother, Adam, is willing to assist with just about anything on our extra-busy days. Awwww!

I never imagined this would all come from my little private chef endeavor. It’s been a long road, and I consider myself lucky to have traveled it alongside this amazing team. Every day I look forward to seeing my Tomato Vine family, and all the regular faces visiting our cafe. We have built something truly unique here, and I am so proud of how far we have come. Thanks to all our friends, partners, and customers, for all your support and continued business. I cannot wait to see what this year will bring!


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