It’s easy for me to acknowledge that The Tomato Vine wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for my mother, Diane Lutzke’s restaurant, Rebekah’s. That was where I first learned to appreciate true, made-from-scratch food, and much about running a business.

Rebekah’s is also where I got several of our best recipes- like the lemon chicken salad, curry apple chicken salad, 3-bean salad, chocolate chip and ginger molasses cookies, and many of our weekly specials as well.

I have of course included Mom’s ever-popular Creamy Tomato Soup in our menu rotation, and it is definitely the most requested soup we have. Just last week a would-be customer walked out upon hearing we weren’t serving it. So, just as my mother did, I am adding the Creamy Tomato as a third soup on our menu full-time through the fall and winter months.

To this day, my mother is still getting requests for her original recipe, with diced roasted tomatoes simmered in rich sweet cream. The tomato soup served here at the cafe is not exactly her recipe (because what kind of daughter would I be if I didn’t disagree on whether tomato soup should be blended or not?)

So, because I know I am going to hear about who’s version of the soup is on the menu, I thought it would only be fair to let you be the judge on who’s is better. Here is a link to my mother’s “Famous” Creamy Tomato Soup- and I think you will soon see why it became so famous. You can find it here at her blog, Preserving Food Traditions by Diane Lutzke.

One quick note: Thanks, Mom, for being such an amazing cook and inspiration. I truly wouldn’t be here without your guidance, support, and sound advice.

Now. Let’s get those grilled cheese sandwiches toasted, and enjoy Tomato Soup Season!